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Katy Campbell Davenport

RESO 2024-25 Board of Director Nominee

Director of Product Management at FMLS, the 4th Largest MLS in the US, and broker-owned and operated.

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“Thank you for considering me!”

Thank you for considering me!  I promise to bring a fresh perspective to the Board of Directors with my varied experience and passion for cross-organization collaboration.

The initiatives of the Real Estate Standards Organization are essential to fostering not only innovation but also collaboration in our ever-changing industry.

I would be honored to serve on the 2024 RESO Board, and I hope I can count on your vote.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my candidacy or if you have feedback on essential initiatives for you and your organization.

Local & International Priorities for the Good of our Business

By continuing to build relationships with international organizations, and seeking input from those new partners, we are building the foundation for great innovation. It will help our industry long-term.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing with outside groups is crucial to continue pushing RESO forward. We can collaborate with international members to find ways to evolve the Data Dictionary beyond North American Real Estate best practices.

Also, by promoting the RESO common standard on an international scale, we can open access to new technology partners and unique data sharing opport

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My Contributions as a Board Member

As a representative of one of the largest broker-owned MLSs in the country, I receive crucial feedback and work with FMLS broker members every day.

I will utilize that when considering new ideas or discussing ways to improve broker outreach with my fellow board members.

I am a vocal ambassador and advocate for RESO with our members and the industry and will encourage outreach with international groups, new technology partners, and brokers and agents.

Collaborating with other MLSs and technology partners on shared initiatives is a cornerstone of success. Sharing knowledge and working across organizations fosters innovation.

I would bring that same drive to my work as I do with FMLS on the RESO board. I can partner easily with any of my fellow board members on the above priorities or priorities that other board members feel are important.

My varied experience working for a brokerage, with technology partners, and now in an MLS would lend the board a unique and well-rounded perspective.

What the Critics Say:
Michael Lane, President, ShowingTime

“I strongly recommend Katy Davenport for election to the RESO board. I think she would be a fresh, creative, hard-working addition to RESO leadership.

I was a leader at ShowingTime when Katy was hired at ShowingTime years ago. She worked very hard and did a great job for us. Katy then worked for another Chicago-based tech vendor where she worked on 3rd party integrations adding to her industry experience.

Most recently, she joined the FMLS where she’s now supporting 3rd party vendors including ShowingTime. Please vote for Katy” 

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 Marsha Buice

What the Critics Say:
Marsh Buice, COO of FMLS

“FMLS is lucky to have Katy on our team. I’m amazed at how quickly she developed relationships in our company and jumped headfirst into contributing. Within weeks, she assessed our project backlog, prioritized work, and began delivering results. We expected a lot, and she outperformed. 

She’s earned an excellent reputation with everyone on the FLMS staff and with our technology partners. She is a knowledgeable and technical leader who gets things done. FMLS needed a strong leader for our product and project management, data, and data integrity teams, which she fulfills at the highest level.

I give Katy my highest possible testimony. She will make an awesome addition to the RESO Board of Directors,” 

What the Critics Say:
Justin Lundy, FindingHomes Founder

“As the Director of Product Management at FMLS, Katy Campbell was pivotal in successfully integrating their data into Lundy Inc.’s Finding Homes solution. Her expertise in PropTech and a solid commitment to fair housing standards proved invaluable.

Katy’s responsiveness and skill in overcoming data challenges accelerated our project’s progress. Her efforts in coordinating with other technology stakeholders to unify data streams showcased her exceptional leadership and understanding of the MLS landscape.

We are grateful for her contributions and eagerly anticipate future collaborations.”

Justin Lundy
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A Little About Katy

Prior to joining FMLS, Katy built relationships and partnered with MLSs across the country in her roles at Zenlist as MLS Manager, and ShowingTime as the Lead Product and Training Specialist for MarketStats.

Her journey in real estate tech began when she left the hospitality industry to work as a Listing Coordinator at Redfin and she hasn’t looked back since. A native Michigander, Katy holds a master’s degree from Central Michigan University.

“I volunteer with my sorority, I love going to concerts, I attend board game conventions (nerd alert lol), I like to road trip with my husband and two dogs, and I am an absolutely out of control Detroit Lions fan and try to go to games whenever I can.”

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