FMLS Anti-Spam Policy

FMLS respects the privacy of its members and their personal information. FMLS does not sell, transfer, lease or disseminate in any way, member’s names, email addresses or any other confidential contact or personal information, and has eliminated bulk access of members’ e-mail addresses through all FMLS systems wherever possible.
Despite our best efforts, commercial marketing companies and even individual members may endeavor to circumvent the FMLS system and harvest members’ e-mail addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers. Please note that FMLS is not the sole holder of such information, and that much of this information may also be available on member company websites, Board/Association websites, blogs, chat rooms, Listservs and elsewhere.

What you can do about Spam

  • As a principal broker member – Provide e-mail services and addresses to your agents and control spam by using a spam filter. Even small brokers can cost effectively provide these services through their own Internet Service Provider.
  • As an agent – Control spam to your personal and/or real estate business email mailbox by using a spam filter. Alternately, use the e-mail service and e-mail address provided by your member company if one is provided.

For more information on dealing with spam email please visit the Federal Trade Commission consumer website at: