FMLS Partnerships: How They Work

Membership Stays Local:

Your members are your members and we each pledge not to disrupt that relationship.

Dues Remain with the Local MLS/Association:

Each partner MLS/Association continues to collect dues from its members & subscribers. That will not change.

The Local MLS/Association Controls Their Data:

Each MLS/Association controls their local listing data.  FMLS does not take title to your data, distribute it, or sell it in any way.

Opportunties to Leverage Group Buyer Power:

Partner MLS/Associations enjoy the strength of our numbers together. We strive to leverage that and drive down costs for everyone.  With over 57,000 members, FMLS is able to neotiate substantial savings on technology tools.  When permitted by the vendor, we pass those savings on to MLS/Association partners. We are stronger and can save money together.

FMLS Provides Live Support to Members and Partners:

FMLS provides 6-day-per-week support to its Brokers & Agents on all technology products.  Partner MLS/Associations have the opportunity to leverage FMLS’ support team.

Access to CE Credits are Integrated into FMLS Agreements:

Highly experienced and certified FMLS trainers provide thousands of hours of CE-accredited credits across Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama. These are offered online or in-person and are a free member benefit to members, subscribers, and partners.

We Play by Your Rules, Not the Other Way Around:

An MLS/Association retains complete control over the fields and rules for their members and subscribers, as long as they remain in compliance with RESO standards. FMLS does not mandate or alter business rules, fields, or other data preferences.

FMLS is Committed to Adding the Latest Technology and Services:

Technology can be a moving target, and FMLS continually adds new tools & software once vetted by our Product Management team.  MLS/Association partners can leverage this capability anytime you are considering a new product.

This is a True Partnership:

Our MLS/Association partners are very important to us in everything we do. We make sure that our partners have easy, confidential access to our team and that their views are represented. 

For more information, please contact:

Jeremy Crawford, President and CEO: [email protected] or 858-775-2368 (mobile)

Steve Mapes, Chief Revenue Officer: [email protected] or 404-625-1717 (mobile)

FMLS Partnerships: How They Work