Down Payment Resource

 FMLS is the only MLS in the state of Georgia that automatically integrates the Down Payment Resource icon in qualifying listings.

Add Real Value to your Buyer’s Experience

Down Payment Resource

Help your clients find thousands of dollars of down payment assistance without slowing down the time to close. Generate social media leads and become the “go-to” person when it comes to real estate. FMLS listings that offer down payment assistance are automatically identified with the Down Payment Assistance icon.
Down Payment Resource
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 Your Buyers Will Thank You

We can all remember just how hard it seemed to get into your first home. But with Down Payment Resource, you can make that so much easier for your buyers. And, to be certain, down payment assistance has not gone away. In fact, the last time we checked there were 94 active home buyer assistance programs in Georgia.

$14,268 is the Average Assistance

A recent FMLS survey by Down Payment Resource reported that the average buyer participating in the program received $14,268, with over $50 million distributed during 2018/19. The average loan-to-value reduction as a result of DPA programs was 9%. See how you can be a hero to your clients?

Average Assistance
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Look for the DPR Icon on FMLS Listings

Eligible DPA properties have the DPR icon added to FMLS listings each night. Simply click on the icon to see which down payment assistance programs are available for that listing. And everything is automated, so you don’t have to do anything. It couldn’t be easier.

Claim Your Free Landing Page

Your FMLS membership includes a free DPR lead-generation landing page that you can include as a link on all your marketing activities. You also have access to social media assets, customizable flyers, graphics, and marketing tips. And this is not a paid lead program – the leads you generate are yours.

Free Landing Page
Facebook Ads

Run Facebook Ads for DPR

Finding consistent and compelling content for Facebook can sometimes be a challenge. But you can use pre-made graphics for down payment assistance posts on both Facebook and Instagram. Not only will you be serving your clients, but you will also turn your social media program into a lead generation machine.

Our Most Popular Webinar in 2020

FMLS members made our Down Payment Resource webinars the most popular in 2020, attracting thousands of member views. You can watch the recorded version at your convenience. Remember, down payment assistance programs are alive and well, despite what you may have heard to the contrary.

Most Popular Webinar in 2020