Property Search by Voice with Finding Homes

 Available Exclusively on Amazon Alexa

Access Listings by Voice in the FMLS Market

Finding Homes

FMLS is proud to collaborate with Lundy, Inc. to bring search by voice and enhanced data accessibility to our customers, their prospects, and homebuyers and sellers who are searching for homes across the southeast. Now, with Lundy’s voice-activated property search engine via Amazon’s Alexa app, blind and visually impaired individuals can be immersed in the home buying experience..

Remine Pro as a free benefit to all its members

How Finding Homes Works With Amazon Alexa

  1. Use an Alexa device or download the Alexa App to your phone. If using the Alexa app, make sure the app is open on your phone.
  2. Start by saying, “Alexa, start Finding Homes.”
  3. Finding Homes will suggest search options, or you can ask about specific property features. Alexa will also send a complete list of available questions to your Alexa app so you know what you can ask. Alternatively, you can also ask for the complete list to be said aloud by the device.