The International MLS

 FMLS members automatically have their listings added to the International MLS to bring buyers the exposure they want in an increasingly global marketplace.

Your Clients Want the World from You. Give it to Them.


FMLS has partnered with the International MLS to place your listings in the worldwide marketplace. With Georgia becoming very attractive from a global perspective, this extra exposure is a great way to find new buyers and showcase your skills in listing presentations. Listings are automatically translated.

Over 70 Countries, 100 Languages

Your listings are now on The International MLS & on all IMLS/IDX searches delivered globally. It’s a great way to differentiate yourself in listing presentations, as more and more business gets done globally. Now you can promise the world to your client, and deliver it with confidence.

Earn Referral Income

You have the potential to do business with agents and brokers, as well as buyers from the U.S. and around the world and earn referral income. With FMLS and the International MLS, the possibilities for additional revenue sources are real. Build out your profile today.

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Resale and New Home Developments

Resale and New Home Developments

The International MLS has both resale and new home developments on their platform. So you can work with buyers and sellers who are moving into the Georgia area, as well as helping clients move to other destinations. The economy and job markets have become more global.

A Beautiful International Portal

The International MLS global portal is beautifully designed and mobile-friendly, and buyers and sellers from around the world can easily search for properties. With over 1 million listings, it’s another way to create exposure for your properties through the FMLS syndication network.

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Agent/Broker Int’l Directory

Expand your global presence in the International MLS agent and broker directory. Your name, location, areas of expertise and other information is highlighted in the directory, so buyers, sellers and other agents/brokers can easily find you. It’s one more way that FMLS and IMLS brings value to your membership.

Complimentary to FMLS Members

One of the best things about the International MLS is that it’s free to FMLS members. Learn how to leverage this in your listing presentations, especially in cities like Atlanta where there is a lot of  global business, as well as college towns that attract international students from wealthy families.

free to FMLS members