Remine Pro – FMLS has the Statewide Exclusive

 Forms, Contracts, eSignatures, Transaction Management, and Predictive Analytics all in One Powerful and Beautiful Platform.

FMLS and Remine Helps Your Transactions Run Seamlessly



FMLS is the only MLS in the state of Georgia that offers Remine Pro as a free benefit to all its members. Remine is a robust, modern platform that offers all the real estate forms, transaction management, and eSignatures, along with data mining using artificial intelligence, and live-streaming for virtual showings.

Remine Pro as a free benefit to all its members
Real Estate On the Go

Made for Real Estate On the Go

Remine works as hard as you do, whether you’re in the office or in the field. It offers extreme reliability, and with its intuitive workflow, it also saves you time. You have easy access to all your history, and MLS and tax data integration with just a click. It also has built-in transaction management for brokers, and helps to make sure all your documents are in order for archiving.

Transaction tools at Your Fingertips

With Remine Pro and Docs+, you can look up the property details in Remine Pro and launch a new purchase-side transaction in Docs+. This process auto-populates the listing information into the transaction forms and contracts. E-signatures are also seamlessly connected to your real estate workflow. And since everything is cloud-based, you’ll always have the latest version.

Multi-party Collaboration

Multi-party Collaboration and History

Automated email notifications give agents peace-of-mind and keep them completely up-to-date. All parties can make in-line changes in one cloud-based, collaborative document, and you can easily see the document history. Smart Form highlighting makes reviewing the changes made by other agents quick and easy. Every signature, initial, and edit is meticulously detailed and logged.

Working as a Team is Easier

With Remine’s Add/Edit, you can create a listing that submits to both FMLS and GAMLS with no need to pay for additional software. Broker and Admins can easily distribute fully customizable checklists, clauses, and documents. And at the end of a transaction, you can rest assured that all the necessary documents have been properly accounted for in the case of a real estate audit.

Multi-party Collaboration
Prospect Smarter

Remine Helps You Prospect Smarter

In a neighborhood, which homes are most likely to list? One of Remine’s best features is the ability to help you identify the homes that are more likely to go on the market. In an environment where inventory is key, this saves you time and helps you work way smarter. These advanced search options for prospecting are crucial to your success. Client engagement features are super helpful as well.

Live Stream an Open House

With Remine and your Smart Phone, you now have the capability to Live Stream an Open House, and even archive it for other viewers. This saves your clients a lot of time and helps you deliver next-level customer service. Since the pandemic, so many things have changed, and virtual presentations have become the new normal. FMLS and Remine are leading the way to a more mobile experience.

Live Stream an Open House