FMLS and StellarMLS Agree to an Exclusive Partnership Benefiting Over 134,000 Brokers and Agents

Dear FMLS Brokers & Agents,

I’m very excited to announce that FMLS is partnering with StellarMLS, the 3rd largest MLS in the United States, to give you expanded access to listing inventory and to create a broad referral network.

StellarMLS serves nearly 77,000 customers in Florida and Puerto Rico, while FMLS provides services to over 56,000 members – plus, almost 10,000 more real estate professionals through our partner MLS’s across Georgia and Alabama.

When this data share goes live (in the 2nd quarter of 2022) you will have seamless access new inventory throughout a vastly larger geographic area. That means direct access, in real-time, to reliable listing data from the StellarMLS market. Their listings will be visible and searchable right inside the Matrix and Remine Pro MLS front-end platforms you already use.

The partnership is happening amid a seismic market shift, with more and more people moving to Southern states. In 2021, the Southeast saw more incoming moves than any other region, partly because of lower housing costs, lower overall costs of living and better weather. Georgia and the Southeastern US is a great place to live!

From my perspective, this is the right time to break data boundaries that no longer prove efficient for brokers and agents. Expanding our combined MLS service areas allows StellarMLS and FMLS to focus on what’s best for real estate professionals and consumers. With inventory at historic lows, this larger footprint provides brokers and agents of both MLSs with even more networking and referral opportunities.

And, we are very open & willing to enter into similar data share partnerships with any other like-minded MLS operations in Georgia, across the Southeast, or nationwide. As always, our mission is to serve and help our Brokers & Agents conduct business.

Our partnership with StellarMLS is another member-benefit for everyone in the FMLS family and we are thrilled to tell you about it today!

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Jeremy Crawford

CEO & President